Thursday, 22 September 2016

Improvements to our horn.

As some of you may remember, I bought an ex-New Jersey fire station horn online, from a Welsh speaking Turk!
It had a brass trumpet that had been painted black, I had one heck of a job to get that black paint off so that I could polish the brass.
I finally managed to remove the paint, but when I re-assembled it, it sounded pathetic!
I had a modern Arghoohah horn with a red plastic trumpet that had languished on a shelf for yonks, could it be a match made in heaven?
A few 'adjustments' to the mounting holes and I managed to graft the brass trumpet onto the modern workings of the new horn. On a few outings out on the river, the horn worked very well, scaring the life out of Glenda and her friends, even when I'd warned them!
But, it looked naff! I hatched a plan to hide the modern bit in a military brass shell case. Martin, our neighbour found one for me at a steam fair.

Our former fire station horn trumpet married to a modified military shell casing.
Once polished, it'll look the puppy's pebbles!

A lovely shock!

I was about to get ready for bed when there was a tap, tap, tap on Freyja's stern. I went to see who it was. There were two people on the pontoon next to our boats. 
"Hi, can I help you?"
" Dad, it's Jac and Nia!"
I was completely thrown! I couldn't quite grasp how my two youngest came to be so far from Wales.
Glenda had been in on it, but managed to keep it a secret. 

My daughter Nia, Glenda and Jac my youngest son.
We visited LyndZ's Stand up paddle boarding festival, which was held on the Friends of the river Nene's Woodford mooring.
A traffic jam on the Nene!
Goat's milk ice creams on sale.

Just one boat moored, the cruiser Jenny.

LyndZ steering her  over-sized stand up paddleboard, which can carry eight people.