Friday, 14 December 2012

We just lost a member of our crew ;o(

While in Berlin I received a text with the terrible news that Joe, our human horse, had been found dead under the ice near his boat, on the Grand Union Canal near Crick.
To say I'm gutted is an understatement, I just can't believe that we've lost such a lovely bloke, the only crumb of comfort is that he died doing what he loved most, it involved a pub, beer, a bicycle, his boat and a canal.

Here's a selection of (copyright) photos from the journey down from Church Minshull near Crewe to the river Nene near Wellingborough, courtesy of Dave at

Our Butty man, Joe

A lovely bloke that kindly helped us move the pair south

Joe enjoyed the quietness on the butty and spent his time doing word puzzles

It took some clever gymnastics to pass Joe his breakfast and coffee on the fly

A great moody shot of Joe

Who are you looking at?

After too many locks time for a lunchtime pint

For some reason, Joe had it in his head that I was deliberately dragging him through bushes and trees!

Had to spray him for greenfly

A great sense of humour

Joe was never happier than when he was sat behind a nice pint of real ale

He empty again, I suppose I'd better get to the bar!

He tirelessly hauled the Christina the butty through 100 locks

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He used a boat hook to snag the rope from under the bridge

Rare to see him not helping, at his own speed with the least effort, he just leaned on the rope and waited until the butty realised it was time to move!
No headband? No problem! Just use 2 zip ties, then spend all evening explaining why you've got a bright red line across your forehead!
He's flown away from us like the winter geese

He was a lovely guy who will be sorely missed 

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