Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Quacktivity update :- Our Mallard has flown her nest.

A few ducklings had hatched and she was sitting on them
She's all puffed up, protecting her babies.
 Some of her ducklings have jumped out of the trug and onto the gunwales.

 One of her ducklings is now in the water and already being threatened by a coot.

Sabb engine update

Paul and Tony Redshaw have started preparing our Sabb. A nice new brass air-filter housing has replaced the naff black plastic tub that was fitted. They have also replaced some of the flexi-piping with solid copper.

We've now got a new, larger diameter double pulley on the flywheel and a new 105 amp alternator. The plastic breather pipes will also be replaced by copper piping.

Greenhouse is blooming lovely.

Glenda loves growing edibles and things are coming on nicely.

A good crop

Glenda moved some plants onto our pontoon and into boxes on the handrails.
More yummy strawberries