Sunday, 7 May 2017

We've bought a fair trade hammock seat.

Glenda enjoys a glass of wine in the first of the two hammock seats that we are going to buy.
At one of last year's festivals, I bought Glenda some hand made tiles from The Mexican Hammock Company who were also selling lovely hammocks and hammock seats.
Based in Bristol, everything that they sell is fair trade.
Our bedroom / saloon has limited space for seating so I decided to try one of their hammock seats. They are incredibly comfortable, woven in such a way that they are stronger and more supportive than others that I have seen for sale.
We will hang them from eye-bolts drilled through the roof, The main advantage is that when they are not being used, they roll up very small for easy storage.
On buying it, it hung too low, no matter what I did with the supporting rope, so i changed it for a length of stainless steel chain, problem solved!