Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WooHoo! Engine de-winterised and started and we have hot water in Freyja ;o)

We sucked a lot of water, oil and crap out of our engine bilge, re-connected all the hoses, primed the raw water pump and started the engine (very easily)
But the calorifier wasn't getting the the water hot, so, I carefully disconnected the feed and return pipes, expecting boiling water to gush over my hands, but nothing but a trickle, pushed a length of plastic pipe into the hose and blew down it, out came a load of rust and rusty water, then put a funnel in the top of the pipe and started filling it, using it as a header, when I got clean water out, I re-connected the hoses and started the engine again, this time the water got nice and hot.
But then the raw-water stopped pumping out, primed the raw water system using the same method and it worked again for a short while, but the hoses were collapsing so I'll have to replace them with better ones and have to hope that the raw water impellor has not self-destructed.
Oh, how I'd love a nice engine room, so I wouldn't have to stick my head down a hole to fix my engine!

We've got a new chimney

Glenda's son Nick gave us money for our birthdays and Xmas and said we should spend it on a chimney, we wanted to get one made by the owners of narrowboat Dove, but they were heading off for Easter and Nick was going to visit the boats, so we bought this one for Christina from Whilton marina.
So, thanks a lot Nick, looking great! We still need 2 more for Freyja but they will be shorter and custom made.