Thursday, 6 June 2013

Funny goings on at our marina

Last year, while driving out of the 'Kendal Calling' festival, I had to stop to move a sled that had been dumped in the middle of the road, someone had used it to drag their gear to the exit. I thought, that could come in useful, and in all the snow, earlier this year, it did. I used it to drag bags of firewood, gas bottles etc.
A bit further down the road I had to stop to move a wheel barrow, I thought, that could come in useful. It had a wonky wheel but came in very handy during the floods earlier in the year as the only way onto the pontoons was by a narrow gangplank, so the marina's 2 wheeled trolley was useless.
Eventually the wonky wheel collapsed, I looked for a replacement in the UK but they were very expensive.
On the last tour I was in Germany and found a cheap replacement wheel, Glenda was at the boats for the weekend and I told her I'd found one :o) 
Unfortunately, she didn't tell Barry, the marina manager.
So when I went to get my barrow to fix it, I found out that Barry had burned it a few days earlier.
This is how I went from having a barrow with no wheel, to having a wheel with no barrow!
Barry then put this old wheelbarrow up 'For Sale' for £1.50 with instructions to pay the money to me.