Wednesday, 30 July 2014

We're mobile again

Mark from Nene Marine helped his brother to make us a new raw-water pickup using BSP fittings (not so easy to get hold of these days).
I fitted it earlier and she ran with a nice strong and steady flow of water coming out of the outlet. Hoorah!
Of down the river methinks.

with knobs on!

I decided to make the pull switch in Christina's rear cabin a little easier to find and tried screwing a brass knob onto it.

It looks great and works well too ;o) Here it is pulled out to turn the lights on.

The knob in the foreground is for a hinged flap with cleaning stuff inside, the far knob is attached to a pull-push switch which works the Whale Gulper pump (the best thing to empty a bath or shower)
Knob out! The pump is turned on ;o)