Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This boat buying lark ain't half complicated!

So we had decided to go ahead and pay for the boats, when Glenda asked, will they be insured once we've paid? Phoned the brokerage and they said not on their insurance. Meaning if they burst into flames, we would be left with not much to show for our hard-earned cash.
So now it's heaps of phonecalls to try to work out the best cover at the best price and get them covered today so that we can pay for them and the re-plating work can begin.

Hmmm, just about to pay for what seemed to be the most comprehensive cover and the girl asked, "Will you be towing the butty with the motor?"
"Ummm, yes!"
"Oh, I'm not sure if that's allowed, I'll get back to you"
Deep breath, and put the kettle on...............

Had a brew, then got a call to say that they couldn't insure one boat to tow another.

Collidge would cover them, but the excesses were quite high.

Finally insured through Towergate. So the money is now winging it's way..............

Overplating of two 2' x 1'  sections, above the waterline on the bow, should be done this week, along with new sacrificial anodes on Freyja.
The cutlass bearing in the stern will need replacing but we'll do that after we've moved them.
Then I'll drive up next week to get a couple of coats of black on the hull and probably leave them on the hardstanding until I've got 2 weeks to steer them to our moorings.
Then they'll go into the water and Freyja's engine will be tested under load and given a thorough service.
I then need to test and make good the poor wiring on the 12v and 240v electrics and pressure test the gas. Free off the side hatch and fit better locks.