Monday, 2 November 2015

Whittlesey, a nice place to moor

While we were slowing down, with the umbrella wrapped around our prop, another narrowboat came roaring up behind us, passing moored boats with a tidal wave. I allowed him to pass us, but John decided he was out of order, and refused to allow him past. 
So John & Rita reached the E.A. Whittlesey moorings first, the other narrowboat could have moored there too, but he threw a hissy fit and and carried on towards Ashline lock.
After we cleared the prop, we moored up next to John & Rita and wandered into town. We went to the Letter B pub (they say that there were so many pubs in Whittlesey that they ran out of names and started to name them after letters!) It's a nice friendly pub with good real ale. As we left, the rain returned with a vengeance and we got soaked on the walk back to the boats.
There's also a Wetherspoons on the square, which came in handy the next morning, as the public loos are out of order! Here is a top tip, when getting brekkie in Wetherspoons, we get veggie breakfasts, for the same price you get 2 eggs instead of one, 3 hashbrowns instead of  2, tomato, mushrooms and the veg sausage is a lot tastier than the anaemic meat sausages. You can always get an extra portion of bacon.
The next evening, I walked to The Boat Inn, but was disappointed by a bad pint and the landlord's refusal to sort it out. So it was back to the Letter B and then on to Hub's Place, a pub opened by a lottery winner.