Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Slowly edging towards self sufficiency

A lovely vintage 1912 Singer 29K15 cobbler's treadle sewing machine has been added to the workshop. Another load of jobs that can be done without needing electricity ;o)

The 29K is capable of intricate stitches through leather, canvas and even 1/4" ply! 
The hand wheel can be used for more difficult jobs that need to be done in a more controlled way than is possible with the treadle.
I'm going to try to replace the workbench in the background with a treadle table that I can swap a wood lathe, grinders, sanders etc.

My old treadle jigsaw can be used for wood and some metals, now I 'd like to rig a treadle table that will take a wood lathe, grindstone and sander.
Posed? How dare you? I was using everything in my 'Bob the builder' toolbelt.
Top sheets all fitted, just need some boards under the edges to stop the water running down the bulkheads and the weighted poles on the bottoms of the greenhouse covers ((that allow them to be rolled up). We've got the bottom sheets, but the metalwork needs rust treatment and painting and the pine retainers will be replaced with recycled oak. My new sewing machine will come in handy, shaping Freyja's tugdeck cover to make a snug fit around the plank carrier.
We lifted the chicken coup out, so that I could work on the water side of Christina, I put my foot on the 'tugdeck' and it went straight through! So that will be another stack of wood and marine ply needed. Everything we fix reveals another shop of horrors.
Next we need new mattress pieces for the bed 'ole in Christina and new chimneys for both Freyja and Christina.