Sunday, 5 January 2014

Glenda inherits a beautiful sewing machine

I was really pleased when I finally bought our Singer 29K12 cobbler's treadle sewing machine. recently Glenda's Dad gave Glenda her mother's beautiful 1931 Frister & Rossmann hand-cranked sewing machine
Now Glenda will be able to do the smaller and finer sewing jobs without using any battery power

Getting new hardwood window frames for Christina's greenhouse

The four opening sections and two fixed, centre sections of Christina's greenhouse had been bodged from softwood bits which were rotting, falling to bits and leaking
A friend of mine, Louis, has a business making hardwood windows for conservation projects. Louis had been borrowing a lovely white octagonal wood burner with fret worked paneled sides. I always told him I'd want it back if I ever got myself a narrowboat. As we already have three wood burners in our boats, we decided that we didn't need it.

We struck a deal where Louis would make us six frames from some hardwood he'd had lying around in exchange for some cash and the woodburner

Just need to 'glaze' them with perspex and fit new hinges and window stays.

Almost got our tarpaulins sorted

I tried last Winter to finish the job of replacing the rotting tarpaulins and their equally rotten pine fixing strips.
I've replaced the pine with oak offcuts and, in doing so, fixed a lot of our leaks ;o)

I removed the rotting wood strips and the plastic sheeting

Then fitted the new tarpaulins using oak offcuts, looking good and wind and waterproof too ;o)