Sunday, 10 March 2013

I found my workshop under all that junk.

We've been getting water in the cabin bilge, despite having winterised Freyja, then we noticed a drain hole just above the waterline, Glenda poked the end of a hosepipe into it, and it went in a long way, so we decided to plug it, but, it was windy, no engine, I toyed with tying the step ladders to the handrail and climbing down to it, but after making a wooden bung, I decided to  screw it to a length of batten, then coated it with a liberal coating of Tiger seal, on the 2nd attempt I managed to snap the almost-paired-off plug. It's the white blob just above the waterline. Fingers crossed................

I started the process of digging my workshop from under all the of the crud that had built up, adding some extra cupboards and brackets, I can now see my workbenches and find stuff without sweat.

My nice tidy workshop, now complete with a freezer that was rescued, minus it's door, from the marina scrapheap, now fixed and working fine. ;o)