Monday, 7 November 2016

As long as the boat is out of the water, we might as well overplate and black her.

We'd booked a slot to take Freyja out so that we could fit the Sabb.
It costs £250 each time we take a boat out. I decided we could make the most of it and overplate and black her at the same time, Glenda agreed. 
We have never trusted any details of the pre-purchase survey by Small Boat Surveys, he either missed or ignored several life-threatening faults which have cost us a fortune to fix. So could we trust his hull survey?
On top of that, our insurers have stipulated that we'd need a hull survey on Freyja in 2018.
Bruce ground off all the sacrificial anodes and any rubbing strakes that were below the waterline.
Some deeper pitting and not much of the baseplate protruding, we will first weld a strip that the overplate can sit on and be welded to. Enough of this strip will protrude to satisfy the surveyor, as they expect a protrusion which protects the weld from being rubbed away.
We'll overplate to 600mm (2ft.) just above the waterline
I found that using my vibrating multi-tool was a great way to remove the old blacking, especially when I turned the blade around 45 degrees and then used the side of the blade.

The downsides of this method is the vibrations numb your fingers, it sounds like a hornet on steroids and it's dirty!
The new strip has been welded along the bottom, the first sheet offered up, then dogs have been welded so that wedges can be used to force the plate against the hull.

We lift our engine in, but...

Paul Redshaw brought our engine and some new mounts that he'd made. This would be the first time that we'd tried it in place.
Hello Freyja, I'm your new engine!
Up she goes!
It's a tight fit.
It seems to be getting tighter!

Not much room for the engine and Paul.

Houston! We have a problem! "It's too long and it doesn't fit!" My reply was "If the engine won't fit the boat then I'll make the boat fit the engine!"