Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why we DIDN'T need a rope ladder! LOL!

I have just ordered a 6 rung rope ladder on e-bay at a cost of £4.98 + £4.98 post
In the event of one of us falling overboard in deeper water, we will be able to use it to haul ourselves out, otherwise it is very difficult to lift someone out when their clothing is saturated, adding to their weight.
A figure of eight loop of rope would achieve the same thing.
Well, apparently, rope ladders are not ideal, for one thing wooden rungs float! DOH! Also it swings under the boat making it difficult to climb in wet clothing.
The improved plan is to get an aluminium ladder for each boat, then fit a clip-on board so they can be used as gangplanks.
It's a learning curve (usually downwards!)