Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A new use for a dog bowl

Take one 8.5" stainless steel dog bowl, £1.50 from Irthlingborough boot sale

Drill 2 holes

Insert one spotlight and add one brass porthole, then bond three brass strips to the glass to give that vintage look.

A problem with a chimney flue

On a few occasions I've lit the Morso Squirrel in the bedroom and the smoke alarm has gone off. I then noticed a witness mark caused by smoke on the ceiling next to the flue.
After removing the split aluminium dish that slides up to the ceiling I found that somehow the soft aluminium collar under it had become buckled and lodged on top of the flue allowing smoke to escape

After prising the collar back out and pulling it back down over the flue pipe.

The first layer of heatproof sealant, looks messy but it's already sealed and a few more layers will be added before I replace the outer collar.