Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Finally got some blacking onto Freyja

The bow had been replated and the rubbing strakes re-attached, all the welds dressed, let's try and get some black on her before it pours, this is before.
And this is with the sacrificial anodes attached and the first coat black.
And after a lick of bitumen.

Not a five minute job!

It takes a lot of time, steel, cutting, bending, welding, grinding and money to overplate a boat.
First, we had to weld a new protruding strip onto the edge of the base plate.
The new plate then sits on the new strip, leaving enough protruding to act as a rubbing strip.
Bending the steel plate in three directions is a challenge when you have no access to rollers, heat etc. Bruce used dogs welded on and then metal wedges to force the steel into shape.
When the clocks changed we had to get creative and some of the welding needed to be done by floodlight.
Glenda dug out her overalls and pitched in to rub the mill scale down a bit.
"Put that phone down and grab a brush!"

The plate was bent around the swim by welding an eye onto an adjacent container, then attaching a block and tackle to it and then to the dog that's been welded to the swim panel.

A shiny new propeller

The Sabb 2JGR uses a lefthand propeller, the propeller on Freyja was a righthand one.
We calculated that we only had room to fit an 18 inch prop, the manufacturers recommendation is a 20 inch by 16 pitch. So we decided to get an 18 inch by 17 pitch propeller cast.
Once the boat was out of the water, we realised that it would have taken a 19 inch one! Drat!
Our shiny new prop, fresh from the casters.
The new propeller fitted.