Thursday, 27 September 2012

Freyja goes back into the water & the water goes back into Freyja!

We took Glenda's son Nick to Uni in Telford then went up to the boats, the marina said our boats were booked to go into the water that day, a week early.
The guys at Aqueduct marina punting Freyja to the service pontoon
 We agreed that Freyja could go back in, so we could test the motor under load and service it.
So they put her back in the water, but she wouldn't start. I, later, managed to get her running and she sounded OK.
Freyja back in the water, but, unknown to us, taking on water ;o(
Next morning when the mechanic came to service it we found out the engine bay was full of oily water ;o(
So we pumped it out and, once serviced, she did not want to start due to an airlock in the diesel.

Not a nice sight, Freyja's engine compartment filled with a heady mix of water and oil.
We had to leave, as we are moving house this weekend so we left, still not knowing if the problems will be solved in time for me to start moving them on Monday. Eeeek!