Monday, 6 October 2014

Taking out the pair for the first time in 2 years

My friend Shorty came to visit us, from the Netherlands, this week and has been staying on Christina, I decided that it would be a good excuse to take both boats out for the weekend.
Shorty at the helm of Freyja & Christina

Glenda raising the guillotine at Ringstead Lower lock (photo by Shorty)
The concentration! LOL!
(photo by Glenda)
Shorty steering Christina
(photo by Glenda)

We never normally get any pictures with both of us in! So it was very nice to see this picture.
(photo by Shorty)

Towing Christina to speed things up as it was fast getting dark and Glenda didn't want to moor in the dark. By the time we arrived at Denford it was very dark, Glenda was not impressed!
But after a few red wines in the Denford Cock all was well again.
(photo by Shorty)
We woke the next morning to a herd of curious cows, scratching their necks on our mooring pins.
(photo by Shorty)

Approaching the A14 bridge at Thrapston, far more satisfying to potter under it than it is to drive stressed up on this busy trunk road.
(photo by Shorty)
Video by Glenda
(Glenda came close to dropping her phone as she stopped the video)
The disused Thrapston railway bridge and the non-existent Mill Marina. (photo by Shorty)
Approaching the Nine Arch Bridge at Thrapston, on a long line, on our return they went through OK breasted up.
(photo by Shorty)
We moored and winded below Titchmarsh lock

It was a lovely day the next morning
Moored on the 48 hour moorings, that lock landing has been closed for a while now.
(photo by Glenda)
In Tichmarsh lock
(photo by Glenda)

A nice moody shot of Thrapston (closed by Beeching!) railway bridge
(photo by Glenda)
We took it very easy on our way back upstream
(photo by Glenda)
In Denford lock (photo by Glenda)

On Denford lock landing (while I checked out if the continuous moorer NB Dee was still hogging the prime mooring spot at Denford), it was! Grrr!

Moored at Denford, Glenda made bread and had cooked us a 5 bird roast on the move! What a woman! ;o)
We had a great weekend only marred by me almost losing an eye as an unattended fishing rod came along Freyja at eye level, I ducked to avoid the rod and slowed, Christina came down our starboard side and rubbed along the port side of the cruiser with the offending fishing rod.
The tirade that followed as we tried to moor and breast back up (we'd singled up to get under Islip footbridge) meant that
I was very wound up leaving Islip 48 hour moorings. It started pouring with rain and I was more than a little nervous arriving at Titchmarsh and steering, breasted up, between the lines of moored boats.
We decided that the weather was not nice enough to sit outside the Kings in Wadenhoe and decided instead to wind and moor on the 48 hour moorings at Titchmarsh, we had a great night in the very hospitable Titchmarsh Club ;o)
The weather was superb on Sunday morning and  after a nice breakfast we headed back upstream for a very nice, relaxed return journey. We even passed through Thrapston's Nine Arch Bridge and squeezed back into Blackthorn lake breasted up.