Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Freyja is finally running again

After all of the problems with diesel bug and water in the diesel, I decided to fit an MLS centrifugal filter to remove water, dieselbug and impurities, Mark from Nene Marine sorted out some BSC standard piping. So after finishing putting missing bits back on the engine  I bled it and she finally burst into life, with her newly skimmed head and new head gasket. The exhaust flexi is still broken, hence the smoke! It will be replaced with a stainless steel flexi and a new roof collar. Apologies for the loss of commentary due to the 'mechanical commotion' ;o)
Unfortunately, I forgot to tighten the drain cock on the bottom of the new filter, so when we ran the engine it vibrated off, while we were asleep about thirty gallons of diesel siphoned down into the bilge! Luckily, it did not activate the bilge pump or it would have all pumped out into the lake, with distrastrous consequences!
I then had to waste best part of two very long and hard days pumping it out, de-greasing, washing, pumping out, de-greasing, washing.............. ;o(
We now have a very clean bilge (comparatively!) We also took out the engineering bricks which were filthy and greasy and seemingly only contributing to a negative level. I will give it one more thorough de-grease and clean before I paint it all and fix an LED strip around under the cockpit.
We were about to dump the old gas / 12v / 240v fridge as it didn't work on gas but plugged it into the mains and it is now working, haven't tried the 12v yet. So it will do us while we are in the marina.