Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fix a problem and find more problems

When I cut the deck drain off the counter plate this was all that was left of the steel.
This is what the 'good' one looked like!!!!

We welded a plug in each hole and then over-plated, we'll re-route the deck drain through a skin fitting later

We added a lot of steel and welds and still the diesel bled through pinholes in the weld and started to weep into the weedhatch in tiny quantities, but it would only get worse.

So we have to bite the bullet and get her up on our marina's new slipway, I will cut out the weedhatch and we'll replace it with a new one, I also cut out some of the newly added steel so that we can eliminate the void/rust-trap between the weedhatch and the diesel tank and then overplate diesel tank.
If the pre-purchase surveyor had done his job properly, he would have found these problems, but all he said was there was some rust around the weedhatch that could be treated! Had he picked up on the dangerous faults, we could have done all this while we were in dry-dock last August. Grrr!