Monday, 8 April 2013

Fixing the rot in Christina's bow

While working on the new tarpaulins, I put my foot though the deck which supports the chicken coup, twice1 ;o(
So we ripped it all out and found a lot of very flakey rust under it, ground that back, then Glenda treated it with Fertan rust converter, painted that with red oxide and then painted the gunnels with matt black.
At the same time we took the old bottom sheets off and will fit the new bottom sheets using waterseal-treated oak instead of the pine batten.

The rotten deckboards have been removed, revealing the equally rotten support beams and the very rusty welldeck above the water tank

Just a little bit knackered!

A mess, where do you start?

The water tank, complete with leaking filter and pump

On the left is the filler pipe for the water tank!
Grinding away the rust and crap (photo by Glenda)

Hey! We've got a new (old) figurehead 'Usain Boat' (photo by Glenda)

After much dust and rust up my nostrils and a lot of work by Glenda, we even fixed the leaks, but then put my foot through the floor! HoHum ;o)

My workshop now has a treadle lathe

My 'Hobbies' treadle lathe, now built into the workbench next to the Singer

It has grindstone, fretsaw and chop-off saw attachments
I will paint it to match the Singer, but will need to pull it out from the bench to use the fretsaw.