Monday, 17 September 2012

Chicken coup in Christina's bow

Christina's chicken coup is in her bow, here seen through the door from her greenhouse.
The central ramp up from the run can be pulled up and secured to keep the chickens in, while the top is lifted off, so it can be moved to the canal bank, the lower chickenwire run can then be carried out separately and re-assembled. To the left is the end door panel which has feeders built in.

A panoramic shot of Freyja & Christina on hardstanding

A lovely, moody panoramic shot of the hardstanding at Aqueduct marina, taken as the well timed rainclouds moved in as we finished blacking them ;o)

Freyja & Christina are in the centre, somewhere on the left is Zayna and Phil's blue narrowboat Cheeky B, allegedly! LOL!