Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fitting a wash basin and taps into Christina

Christina has a bath with a shower and she has a cassette toilet, but she didn't have any washing facilities.
We've set this porcelain bowl into the existing wash-stand and there is a mixer tap ready to be connected, I've already Tee'd off the shower feeds and run the piping under the floor.

Gas locker update and we've got a new BSS on Freyja ;o)

The guys at Nene Marine did a sterling job, cutting out the damaged gas locker, and then welding a shallower locker in, incorporating a gas drain that is not right on the waterline!
The bottle still fits fine but does not sit so low, this makes it easier to get in and out and gives more room under the locker so that I could clean, de-rust and paint the top of the counterplate and that is where our newly painted, large chunks of cast iron ballast now reside. I have now painted inside the locker and moved the bubble-tester to the side, unfortunately the regulator valve was leaking so we have used Christina's until our new valve with built in gauge arrives.
I also had to remove the redundant cat-flap and re-instate the air vents and swap two of the fire-extinguishers over to comply with the up and coming BSS. 
It was nice to meet Ian Jennings who did our safety examination and Freyja passed with flying colours ;o)