Saturday, 10 May 2014

It's a good job that S.W.S.B.O. isn't about!

Glenda had to go back to Suffolk after the Easter break, leaving me to carry on work on our boats.With the chaotic mess that ensued it's a good job she wasn't around!
If you've managed to stay awake and keep up with my antics you'll know that I am a convert to the Whale pump, it started with a Whale-Gulper (waste-water pump) in Freyja, followed by a Whale-Master (fresh water pump), next came a Whale-Gulper for Christina and this week I finally got around to fitting the Whale-Master on Christina. A quick and simple job..........................Yay!-ish.
In the foreground is the old leaky pump, the Whale-master is behind it. (we used a 2 bar model for two outlets, Freyja has a 3 bar for 3 outlets)
So I turned on the water, re-set the trip for the pump and test drove it by washing out the bath which can get a bit dusty from my workshop. Nice and clean so switched on the Whale-Gulper but was puzzled that I couldn't hear the characteristic 'splash-splash' of the water into the lake. I turned around to see that it was running down the middle of the cabin, EEEEK! It was coming from under the bath, OK, undo the bath panel, Ah? It's sort of built in, OK, lift a section of the floor so that I could get it out. Drain pipe had pulled off the bottom of the bath.
Right, while I've got the floor up, might as well try to move one of the two sinks that are in Freyja's bathroom to Christina as she doesn't have one at all. But we wanted to move the small basin from the small unit on the end of Freyja's bath to Christina, and the larger basin under the side hatch to the end of Freyja's bath.
Suddenly a 20 minute job turns into a four day job. HoHum!

For some weird reason there are two sinks with taps, right opposite each other on Freyja, this one replaces the side locker steps!
Here is the smaller sink on the other side (apologies for the fuzzy picture), with the doors from the starboard side unit propped against it (to see if it would fit in a way that left enough room to get to the loo)
Cutting the top to a shape that would fit the proposed unit, allowing the bowl to fit without fouling the frame was a brain teaser.
The taps are fitted but I've only taped the doors on until Glenda gives me her approval. Then I'll make the frame, rear skin and shelves.
This is the unit, in Christina, that I'll add the small bowl to.

        The stupidly positioned vanity unit is no more! ;o)            Now I'll move the bulkheads two inches to make enough room to fit our captain's chest in, so I'll need to shorten the shelves, wardrobe rail etc. 
Looking from outside the side hatch at the, as yet un-restored, captain's chest, which will have a step that folds down on top of it and a cushion so that it can be used as a seat
The unfinished new (upcycled) vanity unit as seen though the side hatch.