Saturday, 5 November 2016

A quick makeover for Christina.

Our friend Danny from Suffolk came to stay and helped me give Christina a lick of paint to help protect her rotten wooden cabin from the ravages of Winter.

We painted over the rubber coating on Christina's roof.

The hardboard sides are de-laminating and the softwood wooden frame is rotten too.

I decided to paint over the peeling lettering, castles and roses, as I intend to replace them with some nicer ones.
Christina looking a lot nicer and better prepared for the bad weather.

Freyja is out of the water!

We had to take Freyja out of the water to fit our 'new' engine. We decided to overplate and black her at the same time, as this would take more than a week, we couldn't have her on Clive's slipway, so she had to go on the extended trailer.