Monday, 29 April 2013

I've had to change my workshop/lathe set-up.

This is how the fretsaw attaches to the lathe bed, so it can't be used when the lathe is built into the bench, I took the front of the bench off so that I could pull the lathe out, then I needed to alter the lower shelf and found the middle bench leg was in front of the treadle spindle, so a five minute job became an hour job, HoHum....

All I need to do now is to work out what those two pointed and threaded screws are for, there is a small clamp-on table with hole in the centre for the blade to pass through

Detail of the rear of the attachment, the black pulley and handwheel are part of my separate Singer 29k, at the time of this pic, the cast rockers were not properly seated in the top and bottom cups

Unfortunately, I haven't got around to buying any fretsaw blades yet

A stud screwed into the faceplate locates into this wooden slot, oscillating the fretsaw arm

Here is a short video showing how the face plate to fretsaw set-up works

Sunday, 28 April 2013

We haven't got any chickens yet but, suddenly, we've got eggs!

We arrived at the boats to find that Glenda's planter, that she had planted up with herbs and pansies appeared to have been dug out by a cat..............
But on closer inspection we found a duck egg!

When we got up we found 2 duck eggs, and very nice they tasted too! By the way, it was as well to eat them, as the nightly frosts were ruining them, and, normally, she'll lay more before she'll sit.
UPDATE :- Now, a few weeks later, there are few ducklings on the lake and the swan is sitting on an, obviously, dead egg. Those late frosts took a heavy toll.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A few updates

Well, I always say that this boating lark is a big learning curve.........
I previously posted about solving, so I thought, the problem of water in our cabin bilge, I fitted a wooden bung in a hole just above the waterline, that hole turned out to be the drain in the bottom corner of our gas locker. It rained and our cabin bilge had water in it again and our gas locker had quite a bit too. So out came the bung and the gas locker drained.
The cabin bilge needed a bit more attention, we sucked out all the water with our wet & dry vacuum, previously I'd noticed a 12v feed to the inspection hatch and assumed that it had at some time powered a bilge pump, but couldn't find a suitable drainhole for it, then I found a hole through the engine bulkhead, so I've now fitted an auto bilge pump so it will pump into the engine bilge where it can then be pumped out.
The engine seems to be running sweetly and the header is not overheating since I cleared the blockage in the calorifier.
I beefed up the raw water hoses and this seems to have cured our raw water problems, I checked the impellor and it was luckily undamaged by the intermittent water flow.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WooHoo! Engine de-winterised and started and we have hot water in Freyja ;o)

We sucked a lot of water, oil and crap out of our engine bilge, re-connected all the hoses, primed the raw water pump and started the engine (very easily)
But the calorifier wasn't getting the the water hot, so, I carefully disconnected the feed and return pipes, expecting boiling water to gush over my hands, but nothing but a trickle, pushed a length of plastic pipe into the hose and blew down it, out came a load of rust and rusty water, then put a funnel in the top of the pipe and started filling it, using it as a header, when I got clean water out, I re-connected the hoses and started the engine again, this time the water got nice and hot.
But then the raw-water stopped pumping out, primed the raw water system using the same method and it worked again for a short while, but the hoses were collapsing so I'll have to replace them with better ones and have to hope that the raw water impellor has not self-destructed.
Oh, how I'd love a nice engine room, so I wouldn't have to stick my head down a hole to fix my engine!

We've got a new chimney

Glenda's son Nick gave us money for our birthdays and Xmas and said we should spend it on a chimney, we wanted to get one made by the owners of narrowboat Dove, but they were heading off for Easter and Nick was going to visit the boats, so we bought this one for Christina from Whilton marina.
So, thanks a lot Nick, looking great! We still need 2 more for Freyja but they will be shorter and custom made.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Fixing the rot in Christina's bow

While working on the new tarpaulins, I put my foot though the deck which supports the chicken coup, twice1 ;o(
So we ripped it all out and found a lot of very flakey rust under it, ground that back, then Glenda treated it with Fertan rust converter, painted that with red oxide and then painted the gunnels with matt black.
At the same time we took the old bottom sheets off and will fit the new bottom sheets using waterseal-treated oak instead of the pine batten.

The rotten deckboards have been removed, revealing the equally rotten support beams and the very rusty welldeck above the water tank

Just a little bit knackered!

A mess, where do you start?

The water tank, complete with leaking filter and pump

On the left is the filler pipe for the water tank!
Grinding away the rust and crap (photo by Glenda)

Hey! We've got a new (old) figurehead 'Usain Boat' (photo by Glenda)

After much dust and rust up my nostrils and a lot of work by Glenda, we even fixed the leaks, but then put my foot through the floor! HoHum ;o)

My workshop now has a treadle lathe

My 'Hobbies' treadle lathe, now built into the workbench next to the Singer

It has grindstone, fretsaw and chop-off saw attachments
I will paint it to match the Singer, but will need to pull it out from the bench to use the fretsaw.