Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fitting new windows in Christina's greenhouse

Like everything else the greenhouse windows were rotten, so I did a deal involving an old cast woodburner and my mate Louis made me these lovely hardwood frames.
Applied several coats of Le Tonkinois lacquer, added nice brass fittings, and glazed with polycarbonate.

It's Christina's turn to get a new tugdeck

All of the wooden tugdeck was rotten, now being replaced with green oak

The chicken coup will sit on this deck

We have welded 2 more crane brackets so lifting the coup in and out will be easier
After I cut two of the pieces of green oak, I noticed they looked spookily like a pair of narrowboats!

A narrowboat breakfast!

A cracking fry-up to start the day, 2 duck eggs, 2 bantam eggs, black pudding, bacon, sausage and mushrooms all cooked in the old cast iron frying pan that our friend Sinc left for us. And cooked on our gorgeous old Norwegian J√łtul 404 woodburning range.  Happy days! ;o)