Saturday, 18 January 2014

Registered where?!!!!!

When we first saw our boats, one thing that drove me mad was that on one side of Christina it says REGd AT PADINGTON
It might as well have a neon light on it, because it has always stuck out like a sore thumb! So while Glenda wasn't around to nag me to do 'something useful' I decided to rectify it. And also change the signwritten  'S. & G. Trading' to 'C. & G. Trading' (Chop & Glenda Trading)
Not finished 'signwriting' yet but getting there
Happy days, it's finally spelt correctly ;o)

Finally some time to get jobs done on our boats

This is a quiet time for me work wise, so when Glenda went home, last Sunday, she left me at the marina so that I could do some of the mountain of jobs that need doing.
Our ill-fitting and fairly rotten stern hatch
Making the replacement (lost the right hand G-clamp when it fell twixt the boat and the pontoon)
Dodging the downpours, every time I pulled back Christina's sheets and got the power tools out, down came the rain.
Front and rear profiles sorted but I needed to re-attach the frame with the small solar panel to stop the board from sagging in the centre, as can been seen here.
Glenda thinks it will look too big, but it will fix some of our leaks, and I'm sure it'll look fine once it's painted in a trad style.