Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Re-wiring Freyja

One of the things that was obviously dodgy on Freyja was her Heath Robinson-esque wiring.
We enlisted the help of Julian, who lives locally (Loddon on the canalworld forum) as he had done a good job on Christina's wiring.
Our new 1600w pure sine inverter fitted to replace the little 600w Rolson jobbie.
Galvanic isolator and consumer unit below the shelf
C-form 16amp inlet and outlet sockets on the tug deck bulkhead (and on the stern bulkhead) allows the pair to be connected easily whichever way they are facing and makes using power tools easier as there is always a socket nearby.

A brass double 240v socket set into the bedroom bulkhead and the 240v cables to the tugdeck tucked away in the dark trunking.