Saturday, 17 August 2013

Making progress, but running out of time ;o(

The parts finally arrived, but needed modifying, but we now have a new cutlass bearing / stern-gland, propshaft, steering stem with sealed bearing.

The new cutlass bearing, stern-gland and propshaft in our newly cleaned and re-painted bilge

We made new deck boards out of marine ply because the standard ones were delaminating.
I will be cleaning, rustproofing and painting the rest of the bilge and engine hole, when I get a chance.

The brass plate on the raw-water pump was badly scored so I turned it inside out, so that it will, hopefully, make a better seal against the impeller.I found it much easier to remove the raw-water pump through my new inspection hatch.

The new steering stem, which will need to be shortened, the  new bearing holder has been tacked in place.
The rudder was too far gone so a new one is being welded on, a bit at a time.

The new larger rudder, under construction, it still needs the bit with the hole in it welded on top and there will be two pieces of angle iron welded along the top to form an emergency step.
We have also stripped a lot of the  paint and rust off the sides (above the rubbing strake) this will be painted matt black, making any scratches easy to touch up. But we ran out of Fertan and though we ordered another 5 litres, it hasn't arrived yet.
We'll have to leave Freyja in dry dock tomorrow, as Glenda and I both have to go back to work ;o(