Monday, 25 January 2016

Ashton moorings

Beautiful moorings at Ashton

Spoilt by some thoughtless boater

We bagged up everything except the dog crap, and were about to lug it all down to the boat when an EA van appeared on the weir, they said they'd arrange to get it picked up. Yay!
They'd also built a few fires on the bank, how to ruin things for everyone else. The landowner would be within his rights to stop us all mooring here.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Monday, 11 January 2016

Jan who?

We moored near Elton lock and wandered down to The Crown pub in the village, who should we meet there? Jan Pickles & H.

Wansford and the Nene Valley Railway

The lovely moorings at Wansford, taken from the railway bridge.

Great weather for early October!

A nice and informative sign

This Swedish locomotive is often used for filming continental scenes.
Sunset over Wansford railway bridge.

We had a nice breakfast in the friendly station cafe. Good toilet facilities here too.

Heading back upstream

Coming back into Peterborough

Gongoozlers galore at Orton lock.
We decided to spend another night on the visitor moorings at Ferry Meadows.

Dog in a Doublet lock

Heading down the straight and wide channel that leads to Dog in a Doublet.

A squadron of swans kept flying and landing in front of us.

The condemned visitor moorings, with their rotting decking, removed mooring bollards and fenced off pedestrian access. We had no choice, we had to stop to check coolant levels. The
Dog in a Doublet lock can be seen ahead.

We had planned a visit to the Dog in a Doublet pub next to the lock, but our way was blocked by locked fencing.


So, we got back to Stanground lock with the BMC 1800 running a lot cooler, Tina was on duty, if you use this lock, woe betide you if you don't follow her instructions to the letter!
That night we moored on Peterborough Embankment again, John and Rita's daughter Andrea lives with her family nearby, we had a lovely barbeque then went out for a few beers.
Next day, we decided to head for Dog in a Doublet lock, where we wanted to moor up and visit the pub.

Heading back to Peterborough

On the Old River Nene we past this Round Table sign for the Greenwich Meridian
So sorry that this is such a long drawn out tale! LOL!