Monday, 24 November 2014

We are finally getting proper gunwales on our bows :o)

As the boats were hacked about and converted to the working boat-like semi-trad and butty, some very strange things have been done and some things seem to have been left unfinished, like the gunwales on both boats, on Christina there was a section missing towards the cratch board on both sides, with just a piece of flat bar with a bit of aluminium bent over it, this let in a lot of water, meant that the tarpaulins couldn't be fixed properly and also meant there was less gunwales to walk on (one of the reasons that I fell in a lock!)
Where there should be gunwale there is fresh air! 
We learnt by past mistakes, covering the tarpaulins with plastic sheeting to keep the metal filings off, or they sit on the canvas until it rains, then cause rusty streaks! Grrrrr!
There was not much metal left on the bits of gunwale that were there, I decided to replace it right back to the greenhouse.
Bruce offers up a newly fabricated section
The new sections welded in and ready to grind back
Pouring rain did not stop play! Looking a bit like a refugee camp!
One side of one boat almost finished, the port side section has also been welded in.