Monday, 14 September 2015

Trying to save our boatman's cabin

One of the traditional ways of waterproofing a wooden cabin roof was to cover it in canvas and then paint over it. Over the years the canvas cracked and rotted, allowing water in and allowing rot to set in. :0( Here glenda is hard at work stripping the old canvas back.
Both boats have had many different configurations and there are a lot of blanked off chimney holes and this old, rusty and very leaky chimney collar. I decided to remove it but it was so rusty I had to grind the heads off the bolts, the boards around it were rotting away.
Removing the rotting hand rails to reveal more rot below
The chimney collar has been removed, and plugs made to fill the chimney hole and bolt holes. The first side has had a layer of liquid rubber, the geo-textile tape applied and the liquid rubber on top.
Upstands and corners were also treated to rubber / geo-textile tape

Started using a roller but  preferred to use a brush as I progressed.
The frame, runners and board around the rear hatch was all badly rotted, I used a piece of scrap mahogany (with the castle painting) the oak on the sides and for the tapered wedge-shaped runners.

The first light coat of liquid rubber was rollered on.
Getting there

After the first thick coat of liquid rubber, we had to rush to beat the heavy rain which had been forecast.
The upstands on the workshop skylight.
Now this is an expensive experiment, aimed at nipping in the bud, the incessant leaks in the hope of stopping the rot.
We are heading out, for three weeks, on the river with our neighbours John & Rita. When we return we'll give her another thick coat of rubber then leave it until spring to give it the final coat, which we'll cover with a membrane which we hope will be paintable.

Glenda paints Freyja while I'm away ;o)

Glenda worked hard to rub down the roof and the rear hatch, giving the roof this nice shine.

The new steel hatch rails are now nicely painted and ready for us to replace the hatch. Glenda and Houston are probably musing on what the crazy Welshman is doing stood on Cristina's roof.