Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A problem solved?

One problem with re-bottoming is that the base needs to be welded to the the old baseplate in the middle of the boat to stop it sagging.
So we'll grind through the new baseplate and jack it up so that we can add supporting welds at intervals.
Another is that, once overplated, there can be a small air gap between the new base and the bottom of the skintanks, this interferes with the ability of the skintanks to dissipate the heat from the engine.
The last pieces of the jigsaw, the sheets were too narrow to fill the area under the swim, I decided not to turn the sheet lengthwise, this meant I'd need a small triangle each side and these would mean two welds would cross the bottom of the skintanks, helping with the cooling.

One of the triangles prior to grinding out and welding to the old baseplate.