Sunday, 6 November 2016

A new mooring for the river Nene.

The Friends of the river Nene recently secured their fifth mooring on the river Nene. It's a practical and very useful mooring at Great Doddington twixt Wellingborough and Earls Barton.

Alan and Nicky Buckle moored prior to our clearing the bank.
Clearing underway, we cut down and shifted a tangle of undergrowth.
There is ample mooring space for several boats.
A hive of activity, as the members pitch in.
Erecting one of two signs which mark the limit of allowed mooring.
Getting there.
Dark clouds started to appear.
It started to pour down, but not before we'd almost finished transforming this lovely stretch of bank which is in walking distance from Great Doddington and it's pub, shop etc.