Sunday, 3 November 2013

Off with her head!

We finally managed to coax the Bowman heat exchanger away from the cylinder head and then remove the head. Our neighbour Bob off NB Puffin was kind enough to help us.
The inspection hatch, that I cut out while Freyja was in drydock, proved invaluable. Bob looked spookily ready for Halloween!

Just over twelve hours later I'd taken the head to Wales and Brian North had pressure tested the valves, checked the stem seals and re-faced the head (which was on the concave side!)

We've added an immersion heater ;o)

We decided to fit an immersion heater so that we could have hot water quickly, even when the engine was drained (it takes ages to heat the water using only the J√łtul's back boiler)
Tim, the hero that saved The Cock in Denford from closing, is also a plumber and he agreed to fit it for us, it's only a 1Kw version, so we'll be able to use it with our generator if, for any reason, we can't run our engine.