Sunday, 20 November 2016

On the home straight.

We have finally moved to overplating the stern and so hope to be back in the water soon now.
After another session of head-scratching, I made some plywood templates of the uxter plate. I designed it in four pieces to minimise the amount of overhead welding. We were going to get the uxter plates cut out using a waterjet cutter. But, unfortunately, the waterjet broke down. So, plan B it is! Here, Bruce cuts out the forward section of one of the uxter plates.

The two rear sections of the uxter plate with cutouts for the weedhatch and the steering shaft.

Offering up the second forward section.
Two, of the four sections, welded into place.
There is still a narrow strip to weld around the counterplate, then the rubbing strake welded above that. Otherwise, there are four more sacrificial anodes and a swim rubbing strake to weld on, then I'll be able to finish the blacking and paint the tunnel bands.
We'll then wait a few days for the blacking to harden before she goes back in the water. HooRah!