Saturday, 29 October 2016

Take four pieces of green oak and an oak floorboard...

Take four  pieces of green oak, scratch your head for yonks trying to work out angles, overlaps and dovetails...
Rough and ready.
Two joints cut.
The joints have been glued and a cutout routed to make room for the gas locker lid.
The dovetail has been cut in the top block, this will take the top plank.
The centre panel is made from oak floorboards which have had a groove cut down the centres to make them look half as wide as they are.
The surround has been UV resistant powder dyed and then caoted with UV resistant stain mixed into chinese lacquer.
The centre panel after a few coats of chinese lacquer.
Before and after, the new cratch board fitted with the old rotten one on the pontoon. ;o)