Monday, 21 January 2013

A wintery week of work

We spent last weekend  at the boats, Glenda returned on Sunday and I stayed for the week to try to get the new tarpaulins fitted and to close off the holes between the tarps.
A photo showing the top sheets fitted but the bow sheets are still the old rotten and leaking ones

The lake is frozen and snow covered, but it's cosy in both our boats ;o)

Freyja still had her old bow sheets and her white hold down strap has blown off and is hanging down. Behind her a gap can be seen in Christina's sheets, letting snow into the chicken coup section.

It might be blizzard conditions but the wood burning ranges keep both boats cosy, nice to be able to work in the cosy workshop.
Unfortunately, the weather beat me to it, first it was days of ice and a little snow, then came the blizzard conditions. So for most of the week I did other jobs inside the boats.

On Christina :-

I put a new floor in the storeroom and re-arranged the storage bays.
Made new wooden filler boards which keep the top planks centralised and stop rain and snow from coming in between the sheets and the bulkhead.
Cut up the large tree trunk that we pulled out of a lock on our trip down, finally got to use my new chainsaw in anger! ;o)

On Freyja :-

Fixed the broken bulkhead
Removed the doors and made them fit properly so that they open and shut properly
Fitted a porthole mirror
Replaced the rotten bow tarpaulin