Monday, 12 January 2015

Working out where to park my bike

Under our tugdeck there was a badly insulated box that allowed the bed to be pushed under it, making more room in the front cabin and turning the bed into a settee.
I will be altering the tugdeck so that my old motorbike can sit into it, but rebuild it all so that the bed can still be pushed back, I'll re-insulate it using better materials and make a panel that can be slotted into the centre of the tugdeck for when the bike isn't onboard.
The tugdeck removed, along with most of the insulated box.

The plan is that the bike will sit in the tugdeck, rather than on it, this puts it lower making the boat less top-heavy, it also means that I won't have to loosen and twist the wide pull-back handlebars down so that they clear the tarpaulins. Doing it this way will also make it extremely difficult to steal my bike.

The bed in night mode

Here the bed is pushed back, normally there wouldn't be the headboard down the side of the bed or so much stuff piled up on it!