Monday, 19 May 2014

Another quick job that wasn't so quick........

After I painted our engine I wanted to get the rest of the engine 'ole cleaned, de-rusted and painted. While stripping the flakey bits of rust off I found a few things that needed attention, first, I noticed that a little water was seeping out from around the deck-drain (where it was welded to the swim)
A combination of the water trapped in the rust flakes, blocked deck-drains and bad design caused this annoying seepage, we're chopping them both off, plating them over and making new deck drains that will exit through skin fittings ;o)
Secondly, I found that the brackets that hold the weed-hatch lid down had almost rusted away, this should have been picked up on the pre-purchase survey, Grrrr!
Very glad I decided to go the whole hog and clean everything back to clean metal or I wouldn't have found these problems before they became a bigger problem.
The third problem was a diesel seepage from behind the weedhatch, but I couldn't see exactly where it was coming from.
Tiny pinholes hidden behind the remnants of the weedhatch flange. once again a moisture trap had been created causing this to rust through.
After cutting off the top edge of the weedhatch a length of angle-iron was welded on.
Mark from Nene Marine busy with the welder.
A nice new shiny weedhatch flange, the bottom edge of the fuel tank has been re-enforced and the deck-drain has been chopped back and will be removed and plated.
After chopping off the weedhatch brackets we cut the rusty bit off and welded new bottoms onto them
Once the welds are ground back and the metal treated with rust-converter, I'll prime it all and then give a good few coats of light grey garage floor paint.