Tuesday, 23 September 2014

An easier weekend

I fitted the new wash basin into Christina and plumbed in the mixer tap. Fitted the new gas regulator / level gauge to Freyja and then returned Christina's regulator, fired up Christina's Morco shower heater, lovely hot water, Great! Then turned on the hot tap on the basin and the Morco started pulsing, the water pulsed and the water pump wheezed, Grrrr! Cold water, bugger!
So I turned on both the shower and the basin tap and then got hot water at the basin, I think that the small bore flexi pipes that attach to the mixer tap are constricting the flow. I'm not a plumber so I need to make enquiries from someone who knows better than me.
Glenda then swung into action undercoating and painting the bathroom and the insides of the boatman's cupboard's etc.
I gave Freyja's starboard side a coat of enamel and re-painted her window frames.
It made a nice change to be doing things that weren't urgent.
Finished off the weekend by giving the tiller another coat of lacquer and made two new larger flanks for the elum, the first was perfect and the second was a complete failure after the long jigsaw blade twisted and left me with a mis-shapen block of firewood and a piece of wood left over that was too short to make a replacement. HoHum!