Friday, 10 June 2016

My Rock & Roll sleeper bus at our marina.

A different view than I'm used to from my driver's seat.

I brought my tourbus straight from the We Are Festival in Essex to our marina so that I could get it ready for Download Festival in Donington Park.
The downstairs lounge

Widescreen TV, kitchen, fridges and loo.
The upstairs lounge.

Second widescreen TV, fridge, tour manager's desk from the lounge.

14 bunks in the sleeping area, my bunk is behind the driver's seat.

A little trip downstream

The geese nursery were not impressed by our approach, not much traffic on the river.

Moored near Oundle Wharf and visiting The Nene Valley Brewing's Tap and Kitchen.

These are unofficial moorings, we intended to stay overnight, but we had been warned that work was finishing on Ashton wier and that the level would be rising about fourteen inches. Glenda didn't fancy getting up in the night to slacken the ropes, and anyway, the A605 Peterborough road crosses one of the two nearby bridges and is busy with trucks all night, so a tad noisy. We went for a beer or two and returned to find that the level had DROPPED about twelve inches and we were aground and listing! We managed to get her off and returned above Ashton lock and moored at Oundle Cruising Club, where we passed a pleasant evening of beer and banter.

For a while now this lake (just upstream from Barnwell) has been the scene of much activity, but no-one seemed to know what it was going to be, now, what looks like pontoon anchors have been installed along the one bank.

And they have cut through to make an entrance, presently blocked with a boom. New marina, hirebase, sports lake? Answers on a postcard.....

Now there's something you won't see every day, Glenda on steering duty! Next thing you know, she'll be getting her purse out at the pub!

Trying to compost myself?

No, I'm not on my way to a fancy dress as a Homepride Flour -Grader. I decided to cover myself in sawdust in a futile attempt to compost myself! Glenda reckons I smell half rotten sometimes! Cheeky minx!