Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gnash! Yet another rust problem!

Bruce from Nene Marine came to cut out and repair a small patch on the outside of Freyja's gas locker, I scraped and hoovered loose rust from inside, ready for rust treatment and painting, this was when we found a few small holes in the base of the locker, I poked away at the bottom edge and the scraper went straight through into the wet locker (i.e. the saloon!) a safety certificate fail ;o(
A few of the pinholes that we found in the gas locker floor

Looking from the saloon, through the wet locker, after I'd cut out the inner panels and removed the polystyrene insulation, amazing that the pre-purchase surveyor didn't find such a dangerous fault.

The front and bottom of the locker have been cut out, the replacement will not be as deep, allowing more room to clean and paint the counterplate and meaning that the drain will be higher off the waterline.
Fireworks in the saloon! As seen through the rusty hole, that's big enough to chuck a baby through!

The worst bit has been cut out
Another large pile of rusty scrap appears on the stern ;o(
 I have now managed to rust-proof, undercoat and then paint the counterplate with two pack garage floor paint. Another step forward in the struggle to brighten up my bilge! I never thought something as simple as cleaning out and painting the bilge could possibly become such an uphill battle!