Monday, 29 April 2013

I've had to change my workshop/lathe set-up.

This is how the fretsaw attaches to the lathe bed, so it can't be used when the lathe is built into the bench, I took the front of the bench off so that I could pull the lathe out, then I needed to alter the lower shelf and found the middle bench leg was in front of the treadle spindle, so a five minute job became an hour job, HoHum....

All I need to do now is to work out what those two pointed and threaded screws are for, there is a small clamp-on table with hole in the centre for the blade to pass through

Detail of the rear of the attachment, the black pulley and handwheel are part of my separate Singer 29k, at the time of this pic, the cast rockers were not properly seated in the top and bottom cups

Unfortunately, I haven't got around to buying any fretsaw blades yet

A stud screwed into the faceplate locates into this wooden slot, oscillating the fretsaw arm

Here is a short video showing how the face plate to fretsaw set-up works